It is a new visa for parents and grandparents who want to visit their families in Canada for longer periods without having to renew their status. Applicants are required to purchase private Canadian medical insurance valid for at least one year.


This insurance provides coverage for medical expenses incurred while travelling outside your country of permanent residence. Coverage is available for visitors to Canada, immigrants and returning Canadians awaiting provincial health care coverage.


Explore the world with confidence Travel can bring unexpected joys― it can also bring misadventures. We'll help you prepare for the worst, so your trip can be the best. Find the coverage that's right for you and know you're travelling protected.


Arrive with Assurance. Travel with Confidence.

Welcome to Visitors' Coverage. We provide comprehensive health insurance options that effectively protect you and your loved ones to your utmost satisfaction. We are an online insurance brokerage committed to secure a market place for health insurance products and services for Visitors, Students, Workers and new Immigrants to Canada. We work with the major insurance companies in Canada to offer 24/7 one-stop source for information, quotes and purchase of travel medical insurance for individuals and groups visiting Canada.

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